Handling of Customer Information

In order to receive this service, you will need to provide your personal information to Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

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Handling of Customer Information

SOMPO JAPAN (gCompanyh) uses personal information on this insurance policy contract in order to perform activities such as judgment on insurance undertaking or payment, fulfillment of this policy contract, provision of ancillary services, notification/provision of Company products/services such as nonlife insurance, and conduct of questionnaires (gActivitiesh). In addition, we acquire, use, provide or register such personal information to the extent necessary for Company operations including those listed (i) to (iv) below.

  1. The Company may provide such information to parties such as companies entrusted with Company operations (including insurance agents), insurance brokers, medical institutions, and parties involved in the claim/payment of insurance benefits, or receive such information from these parities, for the above operations. These parties include some businesses located in foreign countries.

  2. The Company may provide such information to or resister it at organizations such as the General Insurance Association of Japan, Non-Life Insurance Rating Organization of Japan and other nonlife insurance companies, or receive such information from these organizations, to ensure sound operation of the insurance system.

  3. The Company may provide such information to reinsurance companies, etc. in Japan or overseas (including provision of such information from a reinsurance company to another reinsurance company, etc.) in order to conclude reinsurance contracts or receive reinsurance benefits, etc.

  4. The Company may provide such information to its group companies or partner companies in Japan or overseas, for uses such as notification or provision of their products and related judgments.

Use of sensitive information such as on healthcare (including sensitive information such as race, creed, social status, medical case history, criminal history, or criminal victimhood status) is restricted to purposes such as securing appropriate management of our businesses and other purposes as deemed necessary, in accordance with laws, regulations, and other rules.

For details of the Companyfs handling of personal information (including personal information of non-residents of Japan), group companies and partner companies, etc., visit the Companyfs official website (